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RF Multi SR 4 Pack

Professional Sound Corporation is pleased to introduce our new RF 4 Pack. This new product is very similar to our RF 6 Pack. It is a smaller, more compact version and also incorporates a battery distribution system (BDS). By combining these two products, the end user saves weight, size and cabling in their bag setups. This product supports both analog and AES Digital audio outputs. It will support up to 8 channels of Digital Audio when used with the new Wisycom receiver in AES mode. This product provides RF and power distribution to two slot receivers. It also has two RF output connectors for easy daisy chaining of two units, or to feed RF to another device. The power distribution section accepts two external batteries. These can be NP-1 or the newer “Smart” batteries. A convenient multi-color LED battery meter is provided. Battery metering is selectable for various battery types (voltages). Audio outputs are available as mini XLR and also on a DB-15 Multipin connection.

  • Supports Two Slot Receivers
  • Built in RF Distribution and Filtering
  • Provides Remote Antenna Powering
  • Built in Battery Distribution System
  • Takes Two External Batteries
  • Provides Multi-Color LED Battery Metering
  • Possible Aaton Hydra Interface Option In the Future if Customer Demand Warrants it
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Part Number Description
RF4PSB RF 4 Pack “Single Band” 470-700Mhz
RF4PDB RF 4 Pack 470-618Mhz and also covers 940-960Mhz (Lectro 941 Block)
RF4PWB RF 4 Pack, “Wide Band” 470-960Mhz
Size 9.25” x 5.75” x 1.6”
(23.5cm x 14cm x 4cm)
Weight 1.6 Lbs. (0.725 kg)
Power External DC, 12 to 18Vdc @ 170mA
Input Impedance 50 Ohmx
Input Connector BNC
Output Impedance 50 Ohms
Output Connector SMA
Maximum Input Signal +13dB
Noise Figure 0.8dB
Chassis Material Aircraft Aluminum
Finish Black Epoxy Wrinkle Texture Powder Coat
Warranty 1 Year, Limited

Features & Specifications subject to change.