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Power Star Mini

  • Superior RF Filtering
  • Lower End User Price
  • Polyfuse Indicating LEDs
  • Made in the U.S.A.

The PSC Power Star Mini power distribution system provides a convenient way of distributing clean, quiet, reliable 12Vdc to all of your ENG audio equipment from a single rechargeable battery. The PSC Power Star Mini features six outputs. Each of these outputs is designed to deliver up to 3 amps of continuous current. The Power Star Mini has a global (total) current limit of 5 amps. A top panel mounted lighted power switch controls the entire operation. This power switch always controls five of the six output power connectors. The sixth connector may be controlled by this power switch or left un-switched (always on). This sixth connector is conveniently marked with a blue ring surrounding the connector. Internally, there is a small jumper to select switched or un-switched operation for this connector.

The Power Star Mini features PSC’s exclusive Silent Power Technology™ designed to filter out unwanted switch mode noise and RF interference from your power lines. These exclusive PSC filters will ensure you of clean, quiet recordings in the field by minimizing unwanted inter-modulation noise, RF interference and other noise sources. Our RF filtering will provide better than 34dB of RF isolation between outputs, the best in the industry. In addition, each of the PSC Power Star Mini’s six output connectors are individually polyfuse protected and monitored for short circuits. Convenient front panel status LED’s indicated an overloaded output. Power input is via a 4 pin mini XLR connector. Optional NP-1 battery cup and an assortment of PSC power cable are available. The PowerStar Mini features reverse polarity protection, genuine Switchcraft™ connectors, a sturdy aircraft aluminum case, tough powder coat finish and a removable stainless steel belt clip.

PSC # FPSCPSM: Power Star Mini
FPSCPSM-NP1: NP-1 Battery Cup w/TA4F
FPSCPSM-CAB1: Standard PSM Output Cable w/R.A. Plug for use with Lectrosonics, M3, FP-32A, FP33, etc
FPSCPSM-CAB2: Standard PSM Output Cable with 4 Pin Hirose Connector for use with M4mkII, AlphaMix, Newer 442, 302, etc.
***Note*** all cables are inter-changeable with Remote Audio’s BDS cables. Remote Audio and BDS are trade names of the Remote Audio Co.
Size 3.585" x 1.330" x 1.200"
(91mm x 33.8mm x 30.5mm)
Weight 3.7 oz (85 gm)
Output Current 5 Amp Global Maximum, 3 Amp Maximum per output
Power Switch Recessed Toggle, Lit Green when Power “ON”, lit Red if main Polyfuse is blown
Output LEDs Red LED on if Individual Output is Overloaded
RF Filtering Better than 34dB Isolation from 100Mhz to 900Mhz
Belt Clip Stainless Steel, removable
Warranty 1 Year Limited

Features & Specifications subject to change.