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PowerStar Smart Traveler

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Professional Sound Corporation is pleased to announce our new “Flagship” power product. This new PSC “PowerStar Smart Traveler” builds on the success of our PowerStar LiFE product. This completely new design offers ease of travel in todays “Lithium” battery powered world. This new product design uses 4x 99-Watt hour “Smart” batteries which are easily removeable for traveling. Because the individual batteries are less than 100-Watt hours each, they can be hand carried on air planes and stowed in the overhead bins. No more worrying about hazardous shipping regulations and all of the hassle and expense involved in shipping large lithium batteries.

This product offers several new features such as 4x removeable “Smart” batteries, fully regulated output voltage at all times. Yes, we have designed a “mega” DC to DC convertor that can output a regulated voltage at up to 25 Amps continuous. Output voltage will be factory set to 15Vdc, but is easily adjustable if needed. This new power system provides 9 XLR outputs each rated at 3 Amps, 2 XLR outputs each rated at 5 Amps and 1 SpeakOn output that Is rated at 16 Amps for powering an inverter if needed. There are also 4 USB power outputs on the main unit and 4 more USB power outputs on the remote control. The unit offers battery level monitoring of all four batteries on both the main unit and also on the remote control. The remote control adds output voltage monitoring and output current monitoring. This is simply the finest power system we have ever offered. This new product will begin shipping the second half of January 2021. Pricing and further details will be announced as we get closer to production.

  • Rack Mount Power System based on 4x Removable Smart Batteries
  • Single Rack Space Design
  • 25 Amps of Use/Charge Power Available
  • All Outputs are Fully Voltage Regulated
  • 9x 3A Power Outputs on XLR FE, 2x 5A power Outputs on XLR FE
  • 1x 16A Power Out on SpeakOn for use with Invertor
  • 8x USB power outputs, 8 Amps total current available
  • Remote Control Box w/ Full Battery Monitoring, Output Voltage and Current Meters
  • Smart Batteries Easily Removed for Transport via “Carry On” on all Airlines
  • Compatible with all brands of Smart Batteries
  • Made in the U.S.A.
Size 17.50” wide, 13.00”deep, 1.75” high (44.5cm x 33cm x 3.8cm)
Weight 9.2Lbs (4.2Kg) less batteries
Tempurature Range Use: -4F to +124F (-20C to +50C) less effects on batteries **
AC Input 100 – 240Vac, 47Hz -63Hz
Outputs, XLRs 11 x 3 Amp, 2 x 5 Amp
Output, Speakon 16 Amps Maximum, SpeakOn 4 Pole (Mating connector Neutrik NL4FC)
Output Voltage 15 Vdc Regulated +/- 0.2 volts, internally adjustable from 9 to 24Vdc.
Output Current 25 Amps, Maximum
Charging Time Typical Cart 2 hours, No Load (all equipment off) 1.5 hours
USB Charging Port 4 Ports, Total Output 5Vdc at 4 Amps available on both main unit and remote control
Smart Battery 98- or 99-watt Hour Smart batteries, various Manufacturers
Warranty Parts and Labor, 1 year, Limited

Features & Specifications subject to change.

**Less the effects on the batteries used. Please consult with your battery company to determine the temperature limits of the batteries being used.