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PowerStar Element

  • Simple Power Distribution Box for Easy Traveling or for Small Sound Cart Use
  • Quickly Connects to any 12V, 35AH SLA Battery without any cables required
  • Provides Seven power outputs on XLR-4-FE connectors
  • Provides 4 USB power Outputs
  • Includes 10 Amp charger
  • Made in the U.S.A

Professional Sound Corporation is pleased to announce our new product the “PSC PowerStar Element” This new product is primarily designed for ease of use when traveling out of the country. Because the battery is separate from this device, you can fly to an overseas job, buy a battery when you arrive there and simply mount the PSC PowerStar Element directly to the battery. No more worries about traveling with or shipping Lithium batteries. This product can also be used as a simple solution for powering small sound carts while in the country. It works well with almost all 12 volt, 35 amp hour SLA (Sealed Lead Acid) and some LiFEPO4 batteries. 12V, 35 amp hour SLA batteries are found world-wide as these are used in personal mobility devices (electric wheel chairs, “rascals” etc. Also included is a set of battery post adapters for use with post less batteries found in many parts of the world (batteries that have 6mm threaded connections). The housing of this new product is CNC machined form a solid block of Delrin. Battery attachment is with simple “Thumb Screws” that require no tools. Each unit comes with a 10 Amp hour universal input battery charger and power cable. The unit is also equipped with 4x USB power output jack offering up to 4 amps of current. A convenient multi-colored LED battery meter is included.

Main Unit
Size: 8.00” W, 4.00” D, 1.50” H
(20.3cm x 10.2cm x 3.8cm)
Weight 1.3Lbs (590g)
Temperature Range -4F to +124F (-20C to +50C)
XLR Outputs 6 x 3Amp, 1 x 5Amp
USB Power Outputs 4 Ports, Total Output 5Vdc at 4 Amps
Output Voltage 12.8Vdc Nominal
Output Current On Battery, 15 Amps Maximum, 10 Amps Continuous
Charging Time No Load (all equipment off) 1-3 hours
LiFEPO4 Battery Capacity 12.8 Volts @ 50 Amp Hours or less
Charger Connector SpeakOn 2 Pole (Mating connector Neutrik NL2FC)
Battery Charger
Size: 7.00” W, 3.00” D, 1.50” H
(17.8cm x 7.6cm x 3.8cm)
Weight 1.6Lbs (730g)
Temperature Range -4F to +124F (-20C to +50C)
AC Power 100-240VAC, 50 /60Hz
DC Output 4 Ports, Total Output 5Vdc at 4 Amps
Output connector 12.8Vdc Nominal

Features & Specifications subject to change.