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PSC Solice Audio Mixer

  • Super Quiet Pre-Amps with Fully Variable Gain and Precise Limiters
  • Infinitely Variable High Pass Filters
  • 8 Input Channels with Mic Power, Parametric EQ, Pre-Fade Listens
  • All Channel Assignments Can Be Assigned Pre-Fader or Post Fader
  • Individual Line Outputs on Every Input Channel, Pre or Post Fader Assignable
  • Individual Channel Meters for both Pre and Post Fader Signal Levels
  • 8 Mix Busses for Extreme Versatility
  • 8 Balanced Outputs on Full Size XLR's and also on a Multi-Pin
  • Sunlight Readable LED PPM Metering on all 8 Outputs
  • Slate Microphone
  • Remote Roll
  • Private Line - provides one way communication to 2 boom operators
  • Comm - provides full duplex communication to 2 boom operators
  • Speaker Output follows Mixer Headphone Selection for Playback Jobs
  • Balanced Outputs available on a Multi-Pin Connector
  • Operates From External 10 to 18 VDC
  • Built using only the finest components including, P&G faders, NKK Sealed Switches,
    Neutrik Connectors
  • Housing formed from 0.100" (2.5 mm) laser cut aircraft aluminum
  • Dimensions: 16.5" (42 cm) Wide, 16.25" (41 cm) Deep, 2.75" (7 cm) High
  • Weight: Approx. 14 Lbs

The new Solice Audio Mixer from Professional Sound Corp has been designed to fulfill the need for a portable field mixer with extensive signal routing capabilities. This new mixer offers eight input channels along with eight mixing busses and a compliment of outputs. The mixer also includes eight channels of output metering, four separate stereo headphone feeds with many source selections, built in private line, a full duplex boom communication system, slate microphone, reference tone oscillator, iPod input, basic remote recorder roll controls and more.

The Solice Mixer’s input channels feature extreme flexibility in signal routing for use in today’s demanding applications. Each input channel includes super low-noise microphone pre-amplifiers with fully variable gain structure, 12T and 48PH mic powering, continuously variable high pass filters and a responsive limiter. Each input channel also features a direct line output, which can be operated either pre-fader or post-fader and includes a separate level control. There is also the ability to route audio signals to the remaining 8 mix busses and main outputs via a flexible switch matrix. Each and every routing option can be accomplish either as pre-fader or post fader for maximum flexibility.

The Solice Mixer is built in a rugged, laser cut aircraft aluminum housing and features, elegant milled billet aluminum side panels. The Housing is finished in environmentally friendly and durable powder coat paint. All of the silkscreen lettering is printed sub-surface on Lexan overlays for years of heavy use. Only the finest electronic components are used in the construction of the Solice Mixer. This includes NKK switches, Penny & Giles Faders and Neutrik connectors. A sturdy aluminum slide-on cover is included to protect the entire panel. An AC power supply is included.

Individual Input Channel Signal Routing (channel assignments)

Each input channel has eight (8) signal routing switches. All eight of these switches have three physical settings: Left, center and right. When switched to the left, the routing switch will feed Pre-fader audio to the mix buss for which it is labeled. When switched to its center position (Off), the signal is not routed anywhere. When switched to its right side position, it will feed Post-fader audio to the mix buss for which it is labeled.

The top left routing switch is labeled “MIX 1&2” This switch routes audio through the Pan Pot and onto the 1st and 2nd mix buses and corresponding 1st and 2nd main balanced outputs. Please note that you can use the pan control to fully assign the signal to output 1 or 2 or anywhere in between.

The “LINE OUT” switch routes audio to the direct line outputs located on the rear of the mixer near the corresponding input. These direct outputs are used primarily for feeding multi-track digital recorders when recording one separate track per actor. In addition to the Line Output switch, the signal runs through a rotary level control labeled as “Line Out”. You can use this control to adjust your direct output signal level to your recorder.

There are 6 more signal routing switches that are labeled 3,4,5,6,7 and 8. These are used to route the signal to those corresponding output busses and the main balanced outputs. Overall, you have several hundred different combinations available for your use. Here are but a few examples:

  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and a stereo submix on outputs 1&2 for dailies
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and four stereo mixes to feed four video cameras
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track recorder and Two 4 Track mixes to feed two RED cameras
  • Eight direct line outputs to a multi-track, one stereo sub mix for dailies and stereo mixes for up to 3 cameras
  • In addition, the Solice Mixer offers its main XLR balanced outputs repeated on a multi-pin connector for your convenience
Size 16.5" wide, 16.00" deep, 3.00" high
(42cm wide, 41cm deep, 7.6cm high)
Weight 15 lbs (6.8 kg)
Operating Temperature -20F to +120F, -7C to +49C
External Power 10 to 18Vdc, approx 13 to 20 watts
Meters LED, Peak Reading, Multi-Colored
Slate Microphone Electrete Condenser
Reference Oscillator 1KHz
Frequency Response 20Hz to 20Khz +/- 0.5dB
Distortion 0.025% THD, typical
Signal to Noise Ratio 130db EIN
Cross Talk >75dB @1Khz, via assignments
XLR Output Levels +4dBm at "0" Reference Level
XLR Output Impedance <25 Ohms, 600 Ohm rated
Tape Return Impedance 1K Ohm
Channel Output Level +4dBm at "0" Reference Level
Warranty 1 Year, Limited
Features & Specifications subject to change.