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Garfield Products

Professional Sound Corporation® is pleased to announce that we are now distributing the complete Garfield product line. These products have all been designed by LA sound mixer Hank Garfield and are based on the needs of working professionals.

Headphone Softies

Headphone Softies™

This innovative headphone accessory is designed to provide all day comfort for the working audio professional. Made from soft Rayon Chenille fabric these Headphone Softies™ easily slip over existing headphone earpieces and provide a new found comfort level. In winter they help eliminate the problem of cold earpieces and in summer the fabric wicks away perspiration for all day comfort. Anyone who wears headphones for hours on end will truly appreciate this product. Available in five colors for easy staff identification and color-coding.

Tape Roll Bungee

Tape Roll Bungee™

The Tape Roll Bungee™ is for gaffers and sound mixers alike. It provides a convenient means of transporting assorted tape products while working on set. This product is equipped with a convenient caribbeaner for quick access to the tape rolls. Tape Roll Bungee's™ are supplied in assorted random colors.

Belt Bungee™

The Belt Bungee™ is similar to the Tape Roll Bungee™ but made as a smaller version.

Hush Heels

Hush Heels™

Hush Heels™ are precut adhesive backed foam pads for the noisy "on-camera" shoes. Assorted shapes for men and women's heels. They are also great for quieting on-camera props such as dishes, etc. Each package contains ten sheets totaling 240 individual pieces

Hush Lavs

Hush Lavs™

Hush Lavs™ are precut and drilled lavalier mic quieting sleeves used for recording clean audio with radio lavalier mic's. They minimize clothing noise and thereby achieve your goals. Hush Lavs™ are available in white or black for wardrobe matching. They are designed for use with the Sanken COS-11 and Countryman B3 and B6 Lavalier Microphones.